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Table of Contents

What is a Comet ?
How big is a comet nucleus ?

Where do comets come from ?
How do comets become visible from time to time?
What is the shape of the path of a comet ?
What happens when a comet nucleus races towards the sun?
How can we distinguish a dust tail from a gas tail?

How many comets are seen every year ?
What is the life time of a comet ?
What is the difference between a comet and a shooting star ?

What is the difference between comets and asteroids ?
Why are spacecrafts sent to study comets ?
Can comets collide with the earth ?
What will happen if a comet strikes the earth directly ?
Why do scientists study comets ?
How are comets named ?
Who are the amateur astronomers who have discovered many comets ?
Why were comets feared in the past ?
Are there any ancient references to comets in India ?
Who was the first person to measure distances to comets ?
When did it become possible to predict the appearance of comets ?
Why is Comet Hale - Bopp so special ?
Can comets be photographed without a telescope ?

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